Our Methodology for Transforming Culture

We work with leaders who want to transform their company culture to let their business soar! With our extensive leadership and business experience, coaching skills, and proven assessment tools, we help you revitalize your company to succeed both short and long term.

We use Cultural Transformation ToolsR (CTT), a set of powerful metrics developed by the Barrett Values Centre and used by thousands of organizations around the world since 1997 to measure and manage culture. These tools are used to measure the health of a company’s culture and its ability to perform. This methodology uses a proprietary 7-tier framework and graphical report that provides tremendous insight on the consciousness of the individuals and the organization, and the degree of values misalignment and organizational entropy (wasted energy). The CTT tools make the intangible, tangible.

The real magic happens in the transformational dialogue we facilitate with the CEO and his/her team to discuss the results of the CTT assessment, actions needed to achieve alignment and cohesion, and the business impact of the changes.

We use a 4-Step process called SOAR, outlined below. You, the Client, can choose how far you want to take this. You may choose to pursue a total transformation of your company culture. Or your objective may simply be to define a set of core values to inspire and guide your teams. It’s your choice.

The 4-step process to let your business SOAR:

1) Surveys … Conduct a Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) to measure the health of your company’s culture and its ability to perform. The CVA consists of:

  • A 20-minute online self-assessment survey by CEO and senior leaders to identify their own core values, the values of the current culture, and values of their desired culture
  • A comprehensive report with analysis and presentation of assessment data in a unique graphical format that provides significant insight on the CVA participants and the culture they work in.
  • A facilitated discussion of the CVA Report with CEO and senior leaders to understand the Assessment results and bring causal issues to the surface. We also discuss strategic implications (opportunities vs threats) and what’s possible with greater alignment.

(Optional) If desired, current customers can also be surveyed, to provide an external perspective of the company’s culture.

2) Objectives … Set the compass by defining (or revisiting) the Core Motivations of each leader, and the Core Values, Mission, and Vision of the company

  • Core Motivations … We work with the CEO and each senior leader individually to identify their core motivations regarding their professional life.
  • Core Values … Based on the CVA results and the Core Motivations, we develop a set of desired Core Values of the company. These values will be used as a compass to guide the actions and behaviors of the senior leadership team and the entire company.
  • Mission & Vision …. We use an accelerated method that enables us to define Mission and Vision statements without spending hours word-smithing. The Mission and Vision is used to guide strategic decisions as well as operational tactics.

3) Alignment … Identify and execute actions to achieve alignment from 4 different angles:

  • Personal Alignment … Alignment of an individual’s actions/behaviors with his/her values, i.e. Authenticity, Walking your talk.
    • We offer executive coaching for CEOs and leaders who desire greater personal alignment.
  • Values Alignment … Alignment of an individual’s values with the organization’s values.
    • We offer executive coaching and career coaching for individuals whose values are not aligned with the company’s values.
  • Mission Alignment … Alignment of an individual’s actions/behaviors with the organization’s actions/behaviors.
    • We offer consulting to improve employee engagement, i.e. tapping into the enthusiasm, talents, and creativity of your employees, in support of the company’s mission
  • Structural Alignment … Alignment of an organization’s actions/behaviors (key systems and processes) with the organization’s values.
    • We offer process improvement and change management consulting to help your teams identify and implement structural changes to align with the Core Values, Mission, and Vision … to achieve sustainable, measurable results. Key systems and processes to be addressed include: hiring, performance management, leadership development, employee engagement, training, communication, policy and decision-making practices.

4) Rollout & Review … Integrate the changes across the entire organization, develop measurements, and review the results. Use change management principles to ensure buy-in and engagement by all stakeholder groups during all stages of the rollout. Review progress after 6-12 months to ensure sustainable results.

What’s possible for YOUR business if everyone was as fully engaged and committed to achieving results as you are? We help you transform your company to align with individuals’ core values, enabling your team to rock and your business to soar!

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